Press Briefing 1 Nov – Opening Hearing of the People’s Tribunal on the Murder of Journalists

The Hague, 1 November 2021 – In an unprecedented effort to achieve justice in the killing of journalists, three leading press freedom groups have launched a People’s Tribunal to hold governments accountable.

The Tribunal, a form of grassroots justice, relies on investigations and high quality legal analysis involving specific cases in three countries. The launch took place in The Hague on 2 November and was attended by international media and legal experts.

This recording features the following speakers: Leon Willems (Free Press Unlimited), Christophe Deloire (Reporters Without Borders), Gypsy Guillen Kaiser (Comittee to Protect Journalists), Hatice Cengiz (witness at the opening hearing), Raissa Carrillo (expert witness at the opening hearing) and Almudena Bernabeu (Lead Prosecutor of the Tribunal).