Case hearings

HearingCase selected for this hearingDate Location
Sri Lanka The murder of journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge (1958-2009)12 and 13 May 2022The Hague
Syria The murder of journalist Nabil Al-Sharbaji (1986-2015)16 and 17 May 2022The Hague
Mexico The murder of journalist Miguel Ángel López Velasco (1956-2011)26-27 April 2022Mexico City

Structure of the case hearings

To illustrate the impact of impunity and demand action in cases involving the murder of a journalist, the Tribunal features three case hearings. Each case hearing is focused on impunity for murders of journalists in a specific country, and one case involving the murder of a journalist in this country.

Each hearing consists of two days. During the first day, the Prosecutor hears witnesses on safety for journalists in the country in question. Witnesses will, among others, testify, on specific threats to journalists, specific groups of journalists at risk, impunity for crimes against journalists, and the role of the State in the prevention and investigation of these crimes. 

The second day of the hearing is dedicated to the selected case. The Prosecutor presents the evidence collected and hears witnesses on the case, who can speak about the journalist’s life and work, the circumstances of their death and the State investigation of the murder.  All witness testimonies and other evidence are included in a case file that is sent to the judges.

A detailed programme and further details per case hearing will be uploaded on this page in the coming months.