Syria Case Hearing – Nabil Al-Sharbaji

This hearing was prepared together with the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression.

The case of Nabil Al-Sharbaji was heard at The People’s Tribunal on the Murder of Journalists on 16 and 17 May 2022 in the Hague.

The Government of Syria was officially notified about the Prosecution’s
indictment by the independent Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT). The government was invited to exercise its right of defense during the hearing.

Syria case hearing of The People’s Tribunal on the Murder of Journalists. Photo by Graciela Rossetto.

Impact so far:

Following the hearing, we are looking at ways to use the evidence collected at the Tribunal to start a case against the Syrian government and hold those responsible outside a People’s Tribunal – in a formal court. 

The first step towards formal justice has been made: that all those people who knew of the case of Nabil Al-Sharbaji, in all those years after the murder, never spoke up. The People’s Tribunal was the first time in 10 years that witnesses wrote down their stories, and that we were able to build a case around the death of Nabil Al-Sharbaji.

Reproductions of the scraps of clothing on which Nabil Al-Sharbaji and his fellow cellmates wrote their names and documented their experiences during their detention in the Mezzeh military airport prison, was exhibited during the hearing. Photo by Graciela Rossetto.

English livestream Day 1:

During the first day, the Prosecutor heard witnesses on the context of impunity for crimes against journalists in Syria since 2011. Witnesses testified about their experiences with attacks on journalists and the role of the State and other actors in the perpetration, prevention and investigation of these crimes.

Arabic Livestream Day 1:

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English livestream Day 2:

The second day was dedicated to the murder of Nabil Al-Sharbaji. The Prosecutor presents the evidence collected and hears witnesses, who will speak about Nabil Al-Sharbaji’s life and work, the circumstances of his death and the State investigation of the murder.

Arabic livestream Day 2

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Who was Nabil?