Mexico Case Hearing – Miguel Ángel López Velasco

During the first day, the Prosecutor will hear witnesses on impunity for crimes against journalists in Mexico. Witnesses will, among others, testify on specific groups of journalists at risk, impunity for crimes against journalists, and the role of the State in the prevention and investigation of these crimes.

The second day is dedicated to the murder of Miguel Ángel López Velasco in 2011. The Prosecutor presents the evidence collected and hears witnesses, who will speak about Miguel Angel López Velasco’s life and work, the circumstances of his death and the State investigation of the murder.

The hearing will take place on 26 and 27 April 2022 in Mexico City, Mexico.

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The Government of Mexico has been officially notified about the Prosecution’s
indictment by the independent Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT). The government has been invited to exercise its right of defense during the hearing.